Who made a bit of a digital fortune off the rise of Bitcoin?

Max Keiser, probably Kim Dotcom, Satoshi Nakamoto and the Pizza guy from the first transaction. They all probably have had enormous amounts of Bitcoin before the February/March price explosion. Fact is: These people are Bitcoin millionaires now.

How about in one year, the people who are getting itno it now? Is the first group climbing up the ladder from millionaire to billionaire in order to make room for the newbies in the millionaire space? What do you think?

Some things are valuable because they’re useful, or because people want them. Others are valuable because the government says they are.

For hundreds of years, money has fallen into the second camp. It has little intrinsic value in itself, but governments have backed it up, first with gold, and now with a promise to use its control of the levers of monetary policy to make sure it’s worth something. Because of that government backing, people are willing (indeed forced) to use it as a medium of exchange.

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