Expensify, the online expense report manager now accepts Bitcoin!

Expensify is a fairly new website that delivers high quality service to businesses and Travellers all over the world. From the start, they have been a well funded software miracle that just makes lives easier.

What they do

Imagine you’re going on a businesstrip, boss pays the flight, hotel and meals with his credit card. But there will always be expences that you are going to pay at first, then you you bring back home you suitcase full of receipts, you may get a little back.

Expensify offers a platform where both the traveller and the man or woman with the money can keep track of the expenses. Their smart scanning system makes it possible to take a quick snapshot of a receipt, and expensify’s software puts all the relevant information in the database. The only thing the user has to do is click ‘OK’, just like 21st century software should work.


Expensify recently added Bitcoin as a way to fulfil these expense reports, since Paypal charges to much fees. You can request payment in different forms, like bank wire, Paypal and now even Bitcoin.

What does this mean for Bitcoin?

Expensify may not be the best platform to implement Bitcoin in, and Bitcoin may not be used that much. However, this is another story that ensures the world Bitcoin is money. Every expensify user will see the word Bitcoin when they use the app and more people will adopt Bitcoin.

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