New Greek party wants the drachma back, like that helps

A young party in Grease wants the old coin back, the drachma. Old-timer politician Alekos Alvanos released the news about the new political party ‘Plan B’ on Thursday.

Plan B

More like plan F through M, the Greek are still under the illusion that the European cooperation is the sole reason for their economic malaise. Alvanos says that Grease has made cuts under influence of the EU that has done irreparable damage. This, together with the tendentious name ‘Plan B’ is a clear sign of ‘head-in-sand-politics’.

Maybe they should accept that within the system that has destroyed this country that has created modern science, democracy and some of the most influential art is all still plan A, and that going back a step cannot possibly be seen as a Plan B.

I think the Bitcoin community is in agreement about the fact that there is a real plan B, stop listening to bankers, great a-democratic political institutes and start over, better.

As long as they don’t, we can certainly be happy about our own plan B, plan Bitcoin.

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