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The Internet Is Drowning – Forbes

The internet is slowly drowning. Don’t believe me? Try the following exercise:  attempt to create an application or site that will reach a majority of internet users without having to worry about one large company standing in your way. Read

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Expensify, the online expense report manager now accepts Bitcoin!

Expensify is a fairly new website that delivers high quality service to businesses and Travellers all over the world. From the start, they have been a well funded software miracle that just makes lives easier. What they do Imagine you’re

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Yahoo will pay 200 million for Dailymotion

Last week, Amir Efrati and Sam Shechner of the WSJ reported that Yahoo is close to acquiring a controlling stake in the YouTube-of-Europe, Dailymotion, at a valuation somewhere around $300 million. We cannot confirm that the deal is done –

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