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The Pirate Bay Moves to .GL Domain in Anticipation of Domain Seizure | TorrentFreak

The Pirate Bay has received indications that the Swedish authorities might soon attempt to seize the site’s .se domain. In anticipation of this move, today the world’s largest file-sharing site switched to Greenland’s .gl domain. The move comes with a

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Bitcoin-Mining malware spreads through Skype

Cyber thieves have never done anything else than stealing, but they are getting more creative. A new phenomenon within the cybercrime world is a special kind of malware that spreads through Skype, and tells your computer to mine Bitcoin. Not

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New Greek party wants the drachma back, like that helps

A young party in Grease wants the old coin back, the drachma. Old-timer politician Alekos Alvanos released the news about the new political party ‘Plan B’ on Thursday. Plan B More like plan F through M, the Greek are still

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April 1st – CNBC on Bitcoin

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Western Union Eyes Digital Currency Services

Hint: April Fools Western Union, facing growing competition by startups offering mobile and online payments, is trying to transform its business for the digital generation. The company, once known for telegrams, is now investigating new types of digital transactions and

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April first 2013 – Bitcoin Hits 100$

It’s just a number, but it’s a good sign. Bitcoin has come from a little more than ten dollars to a hundred dollars in 2013. Remember this day and celebrate it!

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Does the Internet Depend on the Survival of Bitcoin?

The market capitalization for Bitcoin has exceeded $1 billion so people are asking: What’s next? We can see the growth pattern for adoption of this new virtual money take off in places where there is financial stress. In Cyprus, people

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